Seller-Carryback Mortgage Notes

L&R Funding Company has been buying Seller-Carryback Mortgage Notes since 1992. The market has grown so greatly that we can now purchase Mortgage Notes at the sale of the property almost immediately after they are created between the Buyer and Seller of the property.

People who tell you they can pay 100% of the face value for your note should tell you that they could get you more than the face value of the note, because they are talking about paying your "lump sum" in more than one installment. If you click on this Example it shows you one of the infinite number of ways you can get more than face value…if you are willing to wait for the full payment.

The following example, named Creative shows one of the many ways a seller can sell their home much more quickly, and for top dollar by creating a mortgage note and using "Creative Financing".

We could go over hundreds of other examples, and will have more on this web site in the future, but we are in the process of building this site from the ground up and ask for your patience.

If you would like more information on buying, selling or creating Seller-Carryback Mortgage Notes, please call us at (407) 522-0133.


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