100% Financing for developers on Large Construction Projects
100% Large Project Financing
(Blended Debt and Equity Program)

Developers can now have several large construction projects going at once instead of one or two at a time since they can receive up to 100% financing!

For qualifying income-producing projects of $10,000,000 USD or more, Developers can finance the Acquisition, Construction and the Stabilization phases with up to 7 years, interest-only financing. The project must include construction (new or renovation, with or without demolition). Because of Equity Participation and Insurance, this program can finance 100% with No Recourse!!

This program is currently directed toward qualifying projects in the United States, Canada, the Carribbean and Mexico ($20,000,000 USD Minimum in Mexico).  There must be ownership, or at least control of the Real Estate, most soft costs already incurred and the project must be ready or nearly ready to begin construction.  The borrower may be reimbursed for soft costs and the cost of third party reports.

Getting started is as easy as submitting an Executive Summary with use of funds and Cashflow Projections!!

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For an information page on the 100% Large Project Financing Program Please Click Here.

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