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Structured Insurance Settlements

If you have been injured and are receiving monthly payments which were set up by an insurance company for compensation, you may be able to sell some of those future payments for a lump sum of cash to pay for a special medical treatment, to start up a business or another worthwhile expense that you could not otherwise afford.

Recent legislation of the Federal Government made it possible in all 50 states for people who are receiving periodic settlement payments to sell a portion of the future payments for a lump sum now.  One of the major accomplishments of the legislation was to preserve the tax-free status of the money received and to protect the sellers from the 60% excise tax that the insurance industry was trying to levy on the sale of payments.

If you would like more information on who to contact to preserve your right to sell your future payments for a lump sum of Cash NOW, without huge tax penalties, please call us at (407) 522-0133.

You can E-mail us at rdfoster@worldnet.att.net

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