We Pay Cash for Business Notes

    Statistics with the US Government show that 80% of all businesses that are sold involve some sort of seller-financing. If you have sold a business and took back a business note, there is a chance that we can buy it for Cash.
    If you are preparing to sell your business, or have been trying to sell it to no avail, we can show you how to structure a business note from the sale which makes it as valuable as possible, so that you can later sell for cash!  Bottom-line:
    1.) Make sure that you get at least 20% Verifiable Cash Down Payment.
    2.) At least make sure that your buyer doesn't have TERRIBLE credit.

    3.) The buyer (or their manager) should have experience running that type of business.

    4.) Make sure that the Note interest rate is at least 10%, preferably 12-15%.

    5.) Try to keep the Note term as short as possible (5 years or less) fully amortized.

    6.) File UCC Liens to secure your interest in the business, inventory & fixtures.

If you would like more information on Buying, Selling or Creating a Note from the sale of a business, please call us at: (407) 522-0133 or Toll-free at (877) 636-7837: or you can E-mail us day or night at rdfoster@worldnet.att.net

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