Selling Consumer Delinquent Bad Debt after Collection

Selling Consumer Delinquent Bad Debt

Most companies that extend credit to consumers assume that the only alternative when the consumer stops paying is to send the delinquent account to 'bad debt collection'. That can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience; waiting for the collection agency to attempt collection and then if and when so, get only a small portion of the money collected.   There ARE one or two collection companies in the US that stand out with Successful Collections in the 80% plus range!!  Because of their sheer volume, they also return a much higher percentage of the collected accounts to you!  Click here for more information on High Returns on Bad Debt Collection.

There is another alternative as well. If you have already gone through the collection process, or just do NOT want to deal with any more Collection, you can sell your bad debt for cash and never bother with it again… even if it has already gone through massive collection and if you have already written it off on your taxes ...even if some or all of it is  PAST  the Statute of Limitations!!! 

Selling your debt should likely be the last resort, after already atttempting collection and perhaps even after writing it off on taxes.  That is because this type of  'collected' debt has very little value, and brings you literally, only pennies on the dollar.  Likewise, the very smallest portfolios of bad debt that are worth purchasing to investors are normally WELL OVER $200,000; to as high as $200,000,000 or more!!

Do you have an old box full of bad debt somewhere? You can most likely sell it for cash!! You can even ask your accountant about the possibility of donating it to a 'not for profit' organization and deducting a LOT of money on your taxes. Click Here to download a form to receive a Free, No Obligation Quote Offering what We Will Pay for your Bad Debt Portfolio(s).

Click Here for information on Selling/Collecting Commercial Delinquent Debt.


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