Asset-Based Lines of Credit

Many company which have a fairly large volume of business (ie. $100,000 per month) with other companies that have good Dunn & Bradstreet ratings, can qualify for an Asset-Based Line of Credit (ABL). Even if they have been turned-down by their bank for some reasons, they very well may qualify for an Asset-Based Credit Line with a very competetive rate!

This is because banks are very highly regulated by the federal government, lending out depositors' money.  On the other hand, asset-based lenders are often dealing with private money, among other great differences. It is possible to receive an ABL Credit Facility with as little documentation as the following:


If you would like to learn more about Asset-Based Lines of Credit or begin the rapid process of creating an Asset-Based Credit Facility for your business, please call (407) 522-0133.  If you email 2 years (and interim) Balance Sheets and P&Ls along with an Accounts Receivable Aging Report to, you may be able to receive tentative terms for your ABL Credit Facility in 24 hours or less!  All information is 100% confidential and will only be viewed by underwriting personnel.

Or you can e-mail us at any time day or night

Following, is perhaps one of the most innovative approaches
to Funding Buyers or Vendors in nearly ANY Business to Business (B2B) application!

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As outlined in our TADs overview page, the eTACH program is a receivables and payables solution!  Integrating eTACH’s unsecured solution for both purchasing and selling, a company is able to achieve the following benefits:

1)         Unsecured Lending
a.         Use eTACH when and where you see fit – finance slower paying customers or extend B2B purchases up to 6 months.
b.         Access working capital financing without signing security agreements

2)         Competitive Rates
a.         Using eTACH’s Holder (bank) syndicate, you can access competitive financing by accepting the least expensive bank.
b.         Signing eTACH’s Master Agreement, you are able to receive many competitive bids without concern for additional legal review.

3)         Targeted Credit Insurance
a.         Given eTACH’s approach to B2B trade you enhance the quality of trade reducing the risk open trade (or conventional invoicing); thus,
b.         You are able to receive non-recourse financing on marginal risk customers.
c.         And access broader credit insurance coverage.

4)         Fee Negotiation
a.         You and your customers or vendors are able to share costs related to eTACH where the common settlement strategy is;
b.         The Buyer pays the bank fee for terms and;
c.         The Sellers pays eTACH’s processing fee.
d.         By sharing fees, both parties are able to settle trade (immediate payment to seller and terms to buyer) that meet both party’s budget.
5)         Improved Cash Flow
a.         Immediate payments to Sellers.
b.         Payment terms to Buyers up to 6 months.

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You can go directly to the Secure Link at  eTACH to either BE Contacted, or to
Securely Enroll as a Buyer or Seller (with no obligation) and see if your company qualifies!

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